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"Where the Clothes Do the Talking" 

4. Conceptual Research and Development 

5. New Services 

  • A. Living Trust preparation  for IT Professionals

  • B. Foundation preparation for IT Professional

  • C. Management / Capacity Planning ( Successfully used in Fortune 100 companies to improve performance, profit, and utilization of resources ( lowering idle cost).

  • D. Distributed and Parallel Simulation Development(Automotive, Aerospace, Government / Military, Process Control, Operations)

      [ Examples portfolio available by request:  1. Engine simulator, 2. CPU Processor simulator,  3. Production queue simulator] 

      [ We have implemented the three examples above in Java, Ada, Pascal, and C. We can implement solutions  in the language of your choice ] 

      [ To request a portfolio or additional information, please mail request on corporate stationery to: Dept. S3 at the address above.]


6. Executive Application and Professional Development 

  • By Email or Correspondence, At Your Site or Our Site

    1. IT Resources as Word Processing (WordPerfect, Word). Spreadsheets (Quattro Pro, Excel, Lotus), Database ( Dbase, Paradox, RBASE, Access), Web Tools ( Netscape, I.E., HTML )

    2. Correlation / Data Mining as Statistics (Anova, Design of Experiments), Neural Networks, AI, Fifth and Sixth Generation techniques

    3. Computer Systems (UNIX, LINUX, DOS, Windows, CMS, VMS) (IBM Mainframes, DEC, HP, PC's, and Mac)

    4. Application Development in JAVA, BASIC, Pascal, Modula-2, Ada, C/C++, Fortran. Also, with additional emphasis in Linda ( touple based multiprocessing and parallel programming).

    5. International Collaborative Project Management ( Traditional Office and using virtual sites)


7. Projects and Services Pages: 


3. Advertising and Fashion Modeling Services

At Kanecki Systems, ask us about our "Personsification" process to increase the number of readers and viewers to your advertising posters, technical manuals, and business proposals. 

Also, ask us about our "Targeted" advertising - internet and print - process to reach a customer audience faster than traditional methods. 

For inquires, contact us at: 

Diana Kanecki 
Kanecki Systems 
PO Box 866
Kenosha, WI 53141 

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